Benitatxell reviews the entire municipal electrical network and installation for better performance and operation

Benitatxell reviews the entire municipal electrical network and installation for better performance and operation

The City Council of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell is working on a crash plan that guarantees a definitive and long-term solution both for the public lighting deficit in the urbanizations after the numerous wiring thefts, as well as for the high maintenance and repair expense due to the age of the facilities. For this, an audit was initiated a few months ago in order to detect the general deficiencies and apply the necessary improvements.

Weeks of intensive inspections by an expert engineer have resulted in a report detailing all failures and damages. In the case of the lack of lighting in the Cumbre del Sol because of the wiring subtraction, this document has helped to detect all the affected light panels and quantify the investment for an integral repair.

Areas to act

The report indicates that it will be necessary to allocate about 150.000 euros, between the purchase of the wiring, the necessary material for the closing and reinforcement of the boxes and the workforce. The areas to act range from the Moraig Creek to the upper parking lot; from the upper parking lot to the intersection with the central road; from the central road and access to the campsite to Camelias; various areas of Lilies; the streets of union between Lilies and Dalias; various streets of Dalias; the part of access to Pueblo Panorama from Lilies and the school; the Iris zone and the street of the Civil Protection building and the entire Jazmin area.


Due to the high cost of replacing the public lighting system, the expert has not only evaluated the areas of necessary action and the total cost, but has also studied other aspects relevant to the session, such as dissuasive measures in order to avoid further theft

In the long-term planning work line, the audit aims to review the entire municipal electrical network and installation to achieve better performance and operation. “The expenditure fired in maintenance and repairs makes us suspect that the electrical installations we have are not the most appropriate, and that is why we have made the decision to carry out an audit that sheds a little more light on this matter “, said the mayor, Miguel Ángel García, who stressed that it will be the first in the history of the City Council of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell.

“We don’t want to close holes and put patches. That solution does not work in the long run. That is why we have stopped to make a serious diagnosis first to assess the possibilities and, finally, make the necessary decisions to carry out the relevant actions ”, the Councilor for Housing Development, Mayte Roldán.